Wednesday, June 2, 2010

shopping guide: straw hats!

As a mom, being outside is part of the "job" in the warmer months. And while I certainly am not complaining - I can't always make sure I am in the shade, or even for an impromptu trip to the park or picnic I can not always guarantee that I will have spf on.

It's no real secret that as I age I start seeing the effects of sun on my skin more and more... oh to be 18 again!

But I also have another, less monumental concern as well with the sun this summer... actually it's quite shallow. I really like my dark hair! And it's not "natural" - so to keep it from it's natural not blonde/not brunette color that it is I need to color it... and then keep it covered in the sun. I hope you all don't think I am ridiculous at this point. It's sad, but true, I know.

So this summer I need to find a chic hat that will shade my face (duh!) but most importantly, my hair. Go ahead... snicker, it's silly I know! Any of these hats would be fun to keep on hand for the pool, beach, park or even just playing in the driveway. No?

(Details: 1. Seaside Cowgirl Hat, Forever 21, $9.80, 2. Crochet Bucket Hat, JCrew, $36.50 3. Summer Straw Hat, JCrew, $34 4. Straw Fedora, Forever 21, $12.80 5. Sand Box Hat, Roxy, $28 6. Straw Cowboy Hat, Lands End Canvas, $49.50)

Are you crazy like me and worry about the sun fading your hair?


Dobbygirl said...

Oh yeah, I dye my hair red and it fades fast enough as it is - I try to keep it covered as best I can :o)

karen★ said...

I am actually obsessive about that even though I don't color my hair. It turns really really brassy in the sun (instead of a deep auburn like those lucky ladies) & looks awful. Straw hats to the rescue!!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE the JCrew straw fedora... might have to purchase that one!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

For the money it cost to dye it, you got to protect it! I'm all about #3, love the floppy, flowy, bohemian feel to it! I can see you in that cute #2! great finds.

Jackie said...

I just bought a big straw hat from Gap over the weekend. I bought it to shield my face from the sun-my freckles darken in the summer and I HATE it. Never even thought of the whole hair fading thing. Now it's benefits are twofold!


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