Tuesday, May 18, 2010

yes, please.

I love this watch... and it's on sale (only a bit, but still). Wouldn't it be perfect for summer... I'm picturing it on my tanned wrist.

Fossil, Blue Nile, $75.27 (from $95)


Jess Constable said...

Very cute! I could see that as my next intentional obsession when I tire of my big gold boyfriend watch.

Jackie said...

Very cute! I can even picture it on my pale, pasty, refuses to tan anymore wrist!

jill said...

that's so funny, i tried that watch on yesterday (but it wasn't on sale!). it's really CA-UTE irl!! they also had a another one with a plain face (no additional small dials). i opted for a silver/white anne klein - although there was an all white anne klein for $55 - you could check that out online - it'll save you a little $$.

Heather said...

I actually have the one without the smaller dials and I love it! I wanted this one, until I found out that the small dials are FAKE! They don't even function as a chronograph! (I am a vet so I time things like heart rates a lot) So I went for the plain :-)


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