Saturday, May 15, 2010

read at your own risk...

Warning: you should read this post at your risk (to your wallet, specifically!).

Through my internet perusings of late I notice a few baubles on sale over at the do-no-wrong-store of choice lately: JCrew.
Seriously, it's not fair! How can they be so perfect... all the time?

Gird your wallets ladies. This is gonna hurt.

Crystal Devote Earrings, $29.99 (from $55)

Twisted Neon Magpie Necklace, $79.99 (from $135)

Twisted Treasure Bracelet, $29.99 (from $65)

Layered Crystal Glace Necklace, $49.99 (from $118)

Majesty Stone Cocktail Ring, $29.99 (from $68)

So lovely... no? Happy Weekend gals... don't forget to check back tomorrow for my latest installment of Blogging Bits!


Brianna said...

I love the treasure bracelet. The colors are so pretty.

Diana Mieczan said...

That ring is stunning and the selection beautiful! Great post.
Greetings and have a wonderful weekend:)

thirtynothing said...

you KNOW this hurts me. love the devotee earrings and the twisted treasure bracelet!


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