Monday, May 17, 2010

my outfit: shimmy & sway!

I can't believe it's Monday already... I'm a little shell-shocked from the weekend. It was super relaxing and the weather was great. What more can you ask for? I even got some new flowers in the garden going... I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are done with frost.

Last week I went to check out a new boutique that a friend of mine is working at. I am usually not a boutique kind of gal (read: scared of ridiculously high prices!) but I was surprised to find a unique selection of clothing at a decent price point. This cardigan and belt I snagged there and I love them both. So versatile.

This cardigan is soft and perfectly drapey. It even has almost a little shimmer to it.

I love that it feels casual, but looks refined. And even if a boutique near you doesn't carry this exact brand... styles like this are popular enough that you can track down something similar no problem.

I have been wanting a woven cream belt like this for a while... I have seen a few of them out and about, but when I saw this I knew it was perfect. Again, so versatile and perfect for summer. It also matches the 5,000 pairs of neutral shoes I now have in my closet. Well - just four to be exact. But still, it's a large chunk of my total shoe inventory. But they go with everything so I can never say no!

By the way... I wore this outfit grocery shopping. That is the type of thing that gets me going people. Pathetic. I know. This would be a great outfit for meeting up with the gals or even a date night too. But for me, with no social life (except my two little ones) - I wear it grocery shopping! How was your weekend?

ps, the boutique is Bella Donna in Zeeland, Michigan... you just HAVE to check it out if you are local! Very cute stuff and very diverse style wise. You would be crazy if you didn't find something you loved there!

pps, boy am I wordy, huh? While I am thinking of it... we had a discussion at the boutique about skinny jeans for shorter gals. I'm only 5'5 - that's why I like my skinnies to hit just above the ankle or like these a touch higher - don't go mid-calf though. It helps to elongate the leg... same with sleeves, see how I yanked these up just above my wrists... seems to make my arms look longer. Let out your inner ballerina, ladies!

Cardigan, Bella Donna Boutique (similar, similar)
Tank, Forever 21
Jeans, Old Navy (similar)
Belt, Bella Donna Boutique (swoon worthy, similar, similar)
Shoes, Target
Bangles, ? (similar, similar)


Maria said...

I love everything about this one and it really looks so great on you!

karen★ said...

I think the whole thing is so perfect. The cardigan is so pretty & everything else just looks great!
(Grocery shopping & the park...where you get the evil eye for wearing mascara & not being in your pajamas.)

Boy Crazy said...

I *almost* bought those same shoes today. But I needed others for work, and couldn't buy 3 pairs! :)


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