Friday, April 30, 2010

my outfit: cross the tees and dot the 'i's

Ahhhh... stripes. Doesn't just looking at them make you happy? I have had my eye on this sweater for a bit and since it's arrival (pulled the old rabbit out of a hat trick... you know, online!) I haven't wanted to take it off!

It's a great summer sweater weight and I just love the three-quarter length sleeves.

Paired with polka-dot TOMS and a yellow jacket - it's some type of old fashioned fun that I am really digging.

Have you snagged some stripes yet this season?

Top, Forever 21
Jacket, courtesy of Lands End Canvas
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, TOMS (similar)
Wrap Bracelet, Forever 21


Elle Sees said...

I *love* stripes, so I was very excited about this post.
And the yellow jacket--I've said before I'm not a yellow person, but it looks perfect for this outfit. Just perfect.
CAn't wait for the newsletter!!

Maria said...

LOve this , so glad you are sporting those shoes, i was wonderng how they look on and you really rock em!!! they are especially great with the stripes....your so smart and pretty!!!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

I think this may be my favorite outfit so far -- LOVE IT!

karen said...

you look hot! (less than 5 words! whoo hoo!)

Ane said...

Another coincidence today...striped sweater, 3/4 sleeves, golden accessories, but black flare pants and high heels because I had a meeting before going to work...
Am I becoming your Brazilian version? ;-)
Have a nice weekend!

Dobbygirl said...

Really nice!


It seems like I wear stripes almost every day! Seriously, I can't even tell you how many striped things I have. Your outfit is adorable - love, love that trench!

Kate said...

I found you through the breton stripe challenge and I just love what you've done with it! I love that you paired the stripes with polkadots and the pop of yellow is fantastic! Great job!

Frances said...

Love the shirt! I honestly haven't even thought about stripes this season, but after seeing this, I'm definitly on the search. I love the yellow coat too! It adds that punch of color :)

Brianna said...

I love your yellow coat. Yellow is my favorite color, especially on rainy days (here anyways) like today!

I was even happier to see it was from Lands' End. I actually live about 20 miles from Lands' End headquarters :)

Kenzie said...

I am in love with yellow right now and your trench is fabulous!

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

You look fab.
Great blog.
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