Thursday, February 18, 2010

what to wear: Spring Break!

I have been dreaming for weeks of a spring break vacation - I'm keeping my fingers we can find a cheap place to stay in Florida. Until then... let's dream about what we'll wear, right!?!?

Here are some family looks for a spring break on the Gulf shores.... ahhhh...

Gap at ShopStyle

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Will you be heading any where warmer for this spring break?


Elena said...

If you aren't too high maintenance, House of the Sun in Sarasota/Siesta Key is great! You rent a 2/2 condo on the beach and just do your own cooking/laundry in the condo. Great location, family friendly, and they have an airport wihin 30 mins. Not sure about price in the Spring, but in Summer it's $1000/week. Been going there for 15 years! Good luck! :)

Jackie said...

Florida! So jealous. I totally picture you and your cute family frolicking on the beach in these outfits. Will you take me in your suitcase? We don't have anything planned this year, need to finish paying for our two big trips from last year!

Oh, and I need that paisley swimsuit. Adorbs!

Torie Jayne said...

Such cute outfits! Have a sweet day!

Jessica Hills said...

These outfits are so cute! I love them!!! Unfortunately, I have to wait until summer to wear my swimsuit :(


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