Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work it Wednesday!

I have to admit, I am in favor of the jumpsuit. Before you think I am crazy... think about this...

It's really no different than a dress, just with pant legs. And this one in particular strikes me as very forgiving. With the blouson top, the gathered waist and the flowing pant leg, how can you go wrong? It covers the bad and accentuates the good.

I'm sold. And for $22.80 from Forever 21, really, how can you go wrong?

My husband and I have a trip to Vegas coming up soon... part business (for him) part fun (for me... and him too!). Wouldn't these three outfits be rockin' fun in Vegas? Here's a Work It Wednesday for a weekend in Vegas (hmmm... I think I could wear this the whole time... no one would likely know the difference!!!


Hannah said...

Oh, loving this. I think I need that jumpuit. I might work it like Nicole Richie did back in 05.

Maria said...

Im on board with the jumpsuit and really love the outfits you put together for Vegas. Hubs and I went last April and had a great time, even with our 3 yr old. There's actually alot of Free things to do and kid-friendly if your bringing your kids!

Nicole said...

I was at a wedding this past weekend, and there was a lady that had on a black jumpsuit almost exactly like the one you posted. She accessorized it nicely and looked quite chic! I was in awe of her fashion bravery.

Laura E said...

I like the rocker chic.

What's funny is that when I see jumpsuits in stores I think trasy but I guess that was because I wasn't thinking whole picture with awesome accessories.

I really want to glam a jumpsuit up right now!


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