Thursday, October 15, 2009

such a tease...

I'm working on putting together my daughter's "big girl" room... it's currently at a very awkward DURING stage. The during stage can be draining and frustrating and pretty much that is where I am at right now with it.

So lets focus on more happy thoughts... shall we?

Here's the before... I loved her before, but call me crazy, after having a crib in my house for 5 + years... I. AM. DONE.

Without further ado... the nursery (which seems silly saying for my now two year old!):

Her sweet little shoes all in a row. I just love little kids shoes... especially the small ones. I love showcasing her collection here (this is only a portion of course... the rest are strewn around the house, likely). A girl has gotta have shoes...

From this photo... the mirrored dresser and the large "A" I found at the antique store will remain in the room (although I am taking suggestions on new paint colors for the dresser... this green color looks a little blah against the walls - which will also stay the same).

Adorable as they are... the red crib and changer will GO. I love them dearly but they need a new home (if you know some one let me know... they have been on craigslist for a week with no takers, seems crazy to me, but I guess I am partial). Of course the rocker will go too.

Here's the inspiration for the new room:

The look I am going for is "sweet boho"... here's how I hope to accomplish it.
- The bedding is REALLY cute in person (although I hate to even admit I went to Walmart to seek it out) - and cheap! Polka dot sheets (what is sweeter than polka dots?) and a purple quilt.
- The artwork/wall hangings I am working on snagging from other rooms or doing some diy stuff - stay tuned for that! It will have similar metal, floral and nature elements as I chose here.
- The bed from IKEA is pretty much what I would buy for myself if I were a young girl. So yes, yes I am living vicariously.
- A smattering of throw pillows to boho it up a bit.
- The large letter "A" (second pic) was a great antique store find. It was love at first sight when I saw it... I starred at it for likely a whole minute before I realized, "duh, your daughter's name starts with an 'A'".

So with all these dets... seriously, any ideas on paint colors for the dresser? Bright turquoise? Bright pink? DO TELL!


Kotori said...

I've never seen a red crib before - but I LOVE it (and wish I had thought of it!). I can't believe it doesn't have any takers... did you post a picture of it in the room so people can see how ridiculously cute it is?

And, I love the inspiration for the new room. I would have never thought you'd find such cute bedding at Walmart! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Jennifer said...

I really like the pink that's on the walls behind the bedding pics or the light pink that's in the lamp.

Gretchen Willmore said...

I love the room inspiration! I think pink on pink is so chic so the dresser would be so cute in a brighter pink. I think it would also be cute in tan (to kinda pop your cute accent pillows and the other strong colors) or straight black. I can't wait for the after pics!

Jackie said...

When I saw the vanity I immediately thought it would look great turquoise. Even before seeing your other ideas. Then scrolling down I saw that great round velvet turquoise pillow you chose and thought "Yes! Perfect!" I think it would tie it all in nicely. Although, I am not sure how it would look with the purple comforter. I think a simple white quilt would look really good on the bed, since the frame is so cute and you will have the bright funky pillows to add color. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Love the pillows!

Kelly said...

I think the turquoise would be cute too, now that you mentioned it. I was also going to suggest a purple, kind of the same color as the backside of the comforter.

ms. less is always more said...

Jackie, I love the idea of a white quilt. I never thought of it, but it would be nice since I want to do some other bold colors to have a place for the eyes to "rest"

Tonya, thanks! It was from - such a shame they aren't in business anymore!

Alicia @ One Mum's Musings said...

I love the ideas you have for your daughters room and I look forward to seeing the results of the makeover. I really love the big A I would have snapped that up to because my daughters name starts with an A too.

Boy Crazy said...

How fun!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

PS~Erin said...

We have that same crib and changing table, only in boring old white. The red is fab... I see why you're having a hard time letting it go.

The new room looks like it's going to be so neat. Love the big A! What about a magenta for the vanity? Or even a glossy white or black? Can't wait to see what you do!


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