Tuesday, October 27, 2009

good LOOK for less: EXPRESS, Ashley!

Ashley's quick with the emails on a Monday morning (don't forget, if you want a new (FREE!) good LOOK for less EXPRESS consult, you do to!) and she's got a keen sense of style as well... she just needs a little help pulling it all together.

Here's a bit of her email to me:

I am a 26 year old newlywed English Ph.D. student and part-time composition instructor at a community college. I really need to amp up my "leisure" wardrobe. I have a hard time finding something cute to wear out on the weekends. Our weekends aren't glitzy, but consist of going out to dinner, girls night out, or more casual bars (as opposed to dancing/expensive bars). I want to look pretty and special, but understated: casual cool chic. I want my clothes to say something about me: that I'm artsy, creative, fun.

For Ashley's new looks I gave her a couple outfits that are definitely casual, cool and chic.

For a cozy winter night with your closest friends at your favorite dive bar (who doesn't love a dive bar with great company!?!?) this outfit has it all. Comfy, yet stylish flats, a cozy sweater, a french chic striped top and a bold belt to say "While I'm comfy I'm still polished!" and lastly a unique necklace to pull it all together. Michigan winter nights have never looked so good!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Did someone say girls night!?!? This ensemble screams girls night out! It is fun, a little sexy and very sophisticated - but NOT stuffy! Heels are fun to wear when you want to feel extra special... but if you aren't feeling the heels... flat knee high boots (similar to the ones in the final look below) will work just as well!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

This last outfit can do it all on a weekend... from errands to shopping to dinner to a movie. Bold color and fun accessories give this outfit personality without suffering on the practicalities!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Ashley! Have fun with all of your new looks!


I hope you enjoyed the first good LOOK for less EXPRESS consult! Don't forget... to get yours be the first of two to email me at 8am (EST) sharp on Monday mornings! A great way to start your week, don'tcha think?


paula said...

I would so wear any of these! so chic yet easy to wear.

Ashley said...

Thanks Jill, I love everything! I can see everything I said to you in these outfits! Exactly what I was looking for and now I can't wait to go shopping!

Jackie said...

I heart these outfits! What a great new service you are offering with the "Express" option. Can't wait to see more. On a side note, love your new profile pic!!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Where to begin? LOVE Rich & Skinny and Gap Long & Lean jeans. Great Missoni-esque scarf find from Forever 21. Great set of outfits!

Kathysue said...

Great job Jill, love all the looks, I can not wait to see what you pull together for me, Kathysue


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