Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall must haves... TOP TEN!

A lot of you loved the Top Ten Summer Essentials I posted last spring... (you can see those posts here and here). And a couple of you have asked for the fall version! So here we go...

Let me first say that there will definitely be some overlapping - but this can be the key to a successful (and affordable!!) wardrobe. Finding items that can move seamlessly through seasons... of course the items will likely be styled differently. But ultimately the goal is to build a classic wardrobe that can WORK FOR YOU all year long!

We'll start with the first five today and I'll bring the second five later this week...

1. Blazer... this was a staple through the spring/summer and now is a must have for fall. Instead of pairing it with cuffed jeans, sandals and tanks for the summer. The blazer can now be paired with warm boots, cozy scarfs and layered tees.
Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

2. Layering Tees... layers are the key to warmth and style this year. Inexpensive tees paired with bold accessories and blazers or cardigans (a la JCrew) equals efforless style!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

3. Bold "pops" of color... so yes the term "pops" of color is overused For this fall, keep this cliche in mind. Keep the colors deep and rich but still fun and interesting.
J.Crew at ShopStyle

4. Bold neck-wear... these can almost hardly be described as necklaces... necklaces equate dainty and lady-like adornments of the neck. But these are show stoppers. They can be simply paired with a tee shirt and be an instant outfit.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

5. Slouchy boots... I can not wait to get my hands on a pair of these. I already have a few that I have been eyeing to buy. They are best paired with skinny and straight leg jeans!
Report at ShopStyle

Stay tuned later this week for the second five!

What styles are you eager to get your hands for fall???


amy and ann said...

love the outfits. i am going to my sisters wedding this wknd and have no clue what I am going to wear to the brunch"es". ugh. yikes! help!! This week is rushed, no time to shop. if only I were inspired. I need to search around your lovely blog. amy :)

Kristen said...

thanks for these four tips. now i know what to pull out of my closet and match up together. thanks, jill! hey, i bet i'll run into you downtown for artprize.

paula said...

layering tee's are a staple in my closet. Love all your choices.

dmoms said...

I am having so much fun visiting here. Even though I am broke right now - it is still fun to look! better here than in a store. I am going to use your services soon.

Boy Crazy said...

love love love the boots and the purple jacket. love.

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Love them all, especially that gold twist necklace and the bright orange poplin shirt. Can't wait to see the next five must haves!

christina said...

I can never have enough layering tees. And I'm dying for a pair of slouchy boots! Just have to narrow it down a bit. Great list, btw...can't wait to see the other five.


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