Monday, July 27, 2009

good LOOK for less: Katie, chic elementary school Principal!

Recently I got an email from two ladies that wanted good LOOK for less consultations! Together! How fun... they figured that way they could have some fun doing the shopping together! I was super excited to jump in to help them both... they both have very different lives (one is an elementary school Principal, the other a stay-at-home mom).

First up is Katie, she is an elementary school Principal who refuses to get caught in the decorative apple and holiday sweater rut that many school administrators fall prey to! And don't we just love her that much more for her stance!?!? I do! Here is a bit how Katie describes her style:

I'd say my style is pretty basic ... I buy lots of Ann Taylor Loft things, but I also love stores like Banana Republic, Anthropologie, J Crew, etc. I want to put together a look that is classic, but with a touch of trendy and fun. I love dresses, and wear them often.
I try very hard not to let myself slip into what I call "teacher dress" - you know, wooden apple accessories, holiday themed shirts, etc... However, as an administrator, I attend meetings and interact with parents and staff daily, so I have to find ways to mix trends and style with professional dress. I'm hoping you can help find things that will work for school, but that can be adapted easily to wear with jeans for evenings and weekends. (My evenings/weekend social life is just dinner out or drinks ... no crazy clubbing!). I also hope you'll help me find things that can work now and transition into the fall....layers are key with our Texas weather - blazing outside and over air-conditioned indoors.

Katie also clued me in on some great clothing items she had recently added to her closet. Very classic solid pieces! I was excited to integrate these into her new look and they made the budget go further!

Here's what her shopping list looked like, with her budget of $200 I was able to compile 13 new wardrobe pieces:

With that list and the items she had already purchased I was able to put together 8 (eight!) total looks! Here are a few of my favorites!

I love the simple elegance of this outfit. Perfect for hot Texas weather! The pops of color, red and turquoise add interest without a lot of frill.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Dresses are so simple chic. Just a black dress and bold accessories and, voila ~ instant outfit!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

This outfit is perfect for dinner and drinks with friends. It casual and chic, yet very pulled together. If you swap out the jeans for black slacks it is instantly office friendly!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Same with this outfit... very relaxed, but with the addition of chic accessories it is perfect for the office or for lunch with friends!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Enjoy Katie! Have some great fun shopping... and stay-tuned tomorrow for Katie's friend Emily's good LOOK for less!


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Boy Crazy said...

Love it, Jill. I love the wide range of clients you have (their professions). Makes if fun to see what you come up with.

christina said...

I love the blue bag with the red shoes. So pretty together. I may just need to run out and expand my color palette to include a little grey pencil skirt and some red/blue accessories. Love it!


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