Friday, June 12, 2009

Top Ten Summer Essentials!

Yet another amazing reader emailed me this week wanting to know what I would consider the Top Ten Summer Essentials... she is a college student that is in the midst of changing schools and while "school's out for summer..." she wants to make some updates to her wardrobe in preparation for her move to a new city (Portland - sounds awesome!) and for all the new great people she will be meeting!

I have compiled ten amazingly simple summer essentials, although many can carry you through several seasons, that are great for all women, not just those fun, young, college kids (ah, to be in college again... best days of my life... ahem, I need to snap out of it!)

Lucky you, you get the first five today... and then next five next week. Sound good... well, here we go!

1. Blazer: Seriously, are you sick of me and the whole blazer thing yet? If you don't have one, buy one, OR even better yet... search your old stuff. I have "stolen" jackets from pant/skirt suits and now they are my favorite blazers. Also, if you are a bit fashion-forward. Here's a tip, shoulder pads are on their way back and quick! So go search the racks at the Goodwill for some shoulder-pad laden jackets! As far as blazers go, they should be a high quality piece that can last... Here's one of my favorites (of the moment at least...)

2. Straight Jeans: these are the best of all worlds as far as jeans go these days. I like straight fit because it is in the middle of each and every jean trend, so there is no way you can go wrong. Always have jeans tailored (it will only cost you $5-$10) for length as needed. Again, another item to invest in so that they will last... I really like these pair from Gap. I do believe I have posted about them before. But they are "right" in so many ways... fit, price and finish.

3. Scarves: (yes... in the summer!) A scarf can make an outfit in a moment and on the cheap. I have several, but this season I am really liking light weight scarves in bold colors. I just bought this exact scarf and I have had SO many compliments on it (and seriously people, it was $4.50!!!) Yellow is a great bold color this season and you can throw this on with a t-shirt and some jeans and you are set!

4. Flats: Is it just me or are the "trends" these days super easy? Who hates a challenging trend or an expensive one for that matter. And flats are so hot and so easy! I happen to really like them in metallics this summer because metallics go with every thing and versatility means you get more for your money! I will say boldly colored patent and the ever popular animal print (when done right) are a close second and third though.

5. Printed T-Shirts: Again, so simple and so timely. How fun (and cheap?) is this little top? Try to stay away from anything too over the top to reflect maturity (which sometimes a t-shirt can hinder). But this cute top with jeans or shorts is perfect for lazy summer days.

I hope you enjoyed the first five... stay tuned next week Friday for the final five!


And thanks again Liz for the email and for your readership! As always readers... feel free to email me anytime! goodlifeforless (at)!


Boy Crazy said...

shoulder pads??? seriously? I'll trust you on this one, but I think I'll hold off for now. :) Although I could use your help with just how to wear a scarf. Also which styles do/do not work. I've always wanted to start incorporating scarves but don't have the know-how really. But they always look cute on everyone else!

paula said...

cute tee and scarves are right up my alley.

Liz said...

Hey Jill this is so perfect! I have a great black blazer but white is really calling my name I have to stop at gap! Also scarves do seem like such a cheap chic way to update an outfit! Thanks so much, these visuals really help and I can't wait to see the other 5! <3 Liz

Jess Constable said...

Love these ideas! I just got a pair of Matchstick white jeans from the J.Crew outlet for just $35! It was a steal and half. I agree, straight is where it's at.

down and out chic said...

yes,yes,yes,yes and maybe. there's just something about printed tops i can't do (i think you hit on it with the maturity thing. people already look at my id a bazillion times and i am well over 21).
i think i need some more summer scarves...

pk @ roomremix said...

Great ideas! Love your blog..


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