Thursday, June 11, 2009

good LOOK for less: Alison, an American mom in Brazil!

Today we meet, Alison, who has a super fab blog and is an American mom living in Brazil. How cool is she? When Alison rang my bell for some wardrobe inspiration this is what she told me about her style:

My style: I typically love just about anything in JCrew or Banana Republic. Needless to say - I love the cool trends, but like your post today said - tend to keep them conservative so as not to to look like I'm "trying to hard." If anything, I keep to the basics with my clothes, and have more fun with accessories...Just bought a pair of fun gladiators - see attached pic!

Lifestyle: My days in Brazil are VERY casual - most of the other moms I hang with are rarely seen in anything other than t-shirts, khaki shorts or cargo pants - it is VERY low key, so I would stick out like a sore thumb if I turn all fashionista - STILL, I'd like to look cute!

Body Type: I'm less than 5'2" tall, probably considered petite, but athletic (not small-boned/dainty) - Anyway, I try to stick with styles that are most flattering to short-stacks! ;)

She also clued me in that she had just snagged these sweet gladiators! There isn't much I love more than gold accessories this season... and glads, no less? Great purchase in my book!

I am SO excited to help Alison out because she is a mom!!! One that fills her days with hanging out with other moms and kids... a "job" that often is overlooked and whew, the wardrobe is even MORE overlooked! So here's to Alison... stepping up her mom-style! Love it!

You'll see, I have chosen SIMPLE pieces in neutral colors, then added some bold pieces to up the interest a bit and lastly some accessories to pull the looks together. These outfits are not fancy or over-done... just really well pulled together and versatile! So important for moms! Here I have compiled 21 wardrobe pieces for around $360 (I didn't include the sandals that she has already purchased).

Here's the shopping list:

From these items you can pretty much mix and match your way to several outfits... here are just a few:

I chose these shorts that are not full bermuda style, just a touch shorter which I thought would be good for Alison's proportions (as she mentioned). I like the idea of a bold colored short with a basic top and some fun accessories. This will help her blend in with the other "short"-clad women while still having a unique style.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Here again is a classic khaki style cropped pant but in a pale pink instead of the standard taupe color.  It's just as versatile as the "standard" color, but has more interest.  I paired it with a cardigan for chilly mornings, evenings or indoor A/C and some navy accents as well.  I love the bright orange watch to add some fun!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Alison, please tell me you wear Havaiana's in Brazil!?!?!  Their "slim" style is super comfy and sleek enough that they aren't to "floppy" for flip-flops.  I LIVE in these sandals for the summer... so should everyone else (how is that for opinion!?!?).  This outfit is super simple, skirt & tank, but when the belt and bangle bracelet come in it is instantly "put-together" looking.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

To see more of my outfits for Alison, check out my shopstyle stylebook. And thank you to Alison for letting me work with you! I hope you enjoy the looks!

Here's what Alison had to say:
Thank you so much for putting together the outfits! I love them! I can't GET OVER the orange tank watch from Forever 21, and the yellow JCrew bermudas - awesome! I think you did a great job of taking into account my ultra-cash, Brazilian lifestyle!


If you are interested in receiving personalized wardrobe advice, email me at goodlifeforless (at), check out my details page, or my previous work!


simple girl said...

Wow! I love these looks. Great choices! Gives me some fresh new ideas.

Jackie said...

Another great one! Like always :)

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Thank you so much again - Love them!


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