Friday, May 29, 2009

good LOOK for less: Heather, work-from-home mom!

Heather emailed me recently wanting a good LOOK for less wardrobe consultation. Here is what her note said:

I am a stylish gal of 40, with two small children. If I had to build an outfit from what you created for Angela it would be the jeans with the t-strap sandal with a really basic t-shirt or white blouse and the Torrid bangle. I run a fundraising consulting business out of my home, so I don't need a five day a week work wardrobe. I need a stylish, slightly preppy, slightly funky Mom wardrobe for a lady who spends a lot of time doing Mom stuff but heads into Manhattan 1-2 times a month to meet with clients. NO TRACKSUITS for this Mom. If I could, I'd pretty much live in J. Crew and the Gap. In the summer I take the children to the beach 4-7 days a week, so I wear lots of swimsuits (no skirts please), swimsuit cover-ups, and sun hats. My budget is $750.

First off, thank you Heather for the email! I was so excited to jump in and help Heather out. Here is what I came up with for Heather's relaxed yet chic work-from-home summer wardrobe:

Within her $750 budget I came up with 33 new wardrobe pieces and 12 total outfits! Awesome!

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of her outfits:

I just love this breezy beach outfit... so simple, yet with a few accessories - so chic!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Layers make this outfit perfect for cool mornings and warm afternoons. Aren't these shoes amazing... I need a pair!
Gap at ShopStyle

Simple wardrobe components with bold colors and accessories make this outfit easy, but still ultra-modern!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

I just love the look of well-tailored denim with a funky top... this definitely fits the bill.
Tianni at ShopStyle

Thanks Heather for the opportunity to serve you!

As a follow up... here is what Heather had to say about the wardrobe board I pulled together for her:
AMAZING!!!! Love, love, love, love, love and love. I love it all, outfits 1, 2, and 5 are pure me, outfits 4 and 6 are fantastic date night outfits. The others are great looking and really helpful because I would never have put these together, particularly outfits 3 and 10. Forcing me to think out of the box is exactly why I did this, especially since my current box is from Land's End and filled with polo shirts.


If you are interested in wardrobe styling and consultation for yourself, on any budget, check out the details here!


Kotori said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I love every single item you picked... and 33 outfit? wow. Jill, you've found your calling! I would love to talk about your service sometime on my blog... maybe after I get back from my trip??

Happy weekend!

The Countess of Nassau County said...

As the lucky recipient of this awesome wardrobe, I'm happy to share the best part, that it works for women with sizes in the double digits and plus sizes!!

So flattering, so easy, so chic and SO CHEAP! Just looking at these outfits makes me smile.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

This is really great - 12 outfits? 33 pieces?? For $750??? You can't beat that!!

christina said...

Jill, you are absolutely amazing! I love every single piece here and every outfit is so memorable. Great work.

PS~Erin said...

That second ensemble with the gray pants... Love it!

Stacy of KSW said...

Love your wardrobe service and your style choices even more. So glad I found your blog tonight via Magchunk. I'll be stopping by regularly from now on.



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