Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Love.

I fell in love with these this weekend at Target (srsly. I need to stop going there.)

(sigh - they are on sale too)


the paris apartment is looking for a Paris apartment. You should follow her search... it's drool worthy.

(photo via the paris apartment)

I'm trying to channel some Eddie Ross-isms to help me with some entertaining I am doing tomorrow!

(photo via Eddie Ross)


What's on your agenda today?


Jess Constable said...

That pillow is cute! Did you see it in person? If so, was the quality good? I am thinking of a fresh new look for my apartment this spring and those pillows might be part of the plan...

paula said...

I think I could move right into that apartment and then I would use the pillow on the couch and then have a dinner party with that set up. just lovely.


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