Friday, February 6, 2009

spring planning...

I love how Rachel at Heart of Light describes her online shopping these days as "research."

Since there is no buying these days, I too have been doing a lot of "research." It feels good though, to be thoughtful and mindful before making purchasing decisions. To lay it all out on the table, set a budget, a list of wants and needs and then go from there. I am planning on making some additions to my wardrobe for the upcoming warmer months (which seem like forever from now) - and this is where my planning has led me so far.

spring wardrobe
spring wardrobe - by Jill GG on

Because I am stay-at-home mom, I need easy items that wash well, wear well, and get dirty well (unfortunately). I also want to add some items that are on trend for the spring and summer for those days that I leave the house other than playdates and grocery shopping (but when do I do that? hmm... I'll have to find more things "to do" this spring). I am pretty set for bottoms (seeing as there are none listed) with some bermuda shorts, white pants, gauchos (are those still "in" - I say yes) and jeans. You probably think I am crazy, but yes I do wear jeans even in the summer. I hate my legs... but really, who likes theirs? Over the next couple of weeks I will try to hone the list down a bit or add things as I see fit. Until I start making some purchases in March or so.

Are you planning on adding spring/summer clothes to your wardrobe? If so, what?

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Rachel said...

Nice planning! Isn't it kind of calming to think about what you actually need, versus madly snapping things up on impulse? Although I have to admit that I sometimes miss the fun impulse buying.


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