Tuesday, February 17, 2009

looking for the perfect inspiration...

This weekend I had a moment... a moment where I looked around my living room and decided I hated it. I haven't really invested into new pieces or accents for years and it's starting to show. I think most of the angst is focused at the sofa and the chair. All of the sudden it seems late-90s-early-2000s-Pottery-Barn... or in short, out of date, which is what it is. I have a white sofa in the basement that I really like - but I really want to recover it.

So right now I am contemplating two options:
1) bring the white sofa up and swap the brown sofa and chair downstairs for now.
2) SELL the brown sofa and chair (likely craigslist) and then pay to have the white sofa recovered, thus going without any sofa for a couple of weeks while it gets finished.

While I am trying to make a calm and researched decision (I tend to be a little "get this stuff out of here I hate it" sometimes...) here are some rooms I REALLY love... just a little "research" we could call it!

[All images via Turquoise, found through Haley Kathryn Designs)

I've listed what I like below each picture... then when I find all the common denominators, I know what to invest in - right?

Above: like blue walls with red accents (already have!), white sofa (already have!), funky print rug, bamboo side table

Above: like yellow tray, like white sofa

Above: like red accents (already have!), like white sofa (already have!), like bamboo accents, like bold lamps

Above: like bold lamps

Above: like bold lamp

Above: like tulip table with funky refinished chairs

Above: like tulip table with funky refinished chairs

Above: like tulip table with bold patterned chairs

So I have concluded that I like white sofas with red and blue accents. Which is a great start - seeing as I HAVE these things!

Now to invest in the following:
Yellow Tray
Bold Lamps
Bamboo Side Table/Chairs
Tulip Table
Funky Chairs to recover/paint myself.

So I guess there will be more on this soon!


Hayley Kathryn Designs said...

such great ideas! i see you visited that turquoise design site i posted - they have such fabulous interior design style! i also got a lot of good ideas from that site..
check out anthropologie!

paula said...

love the direction you are going for! i can't wait to see the finished product.

Kotori said...

Love all these ideas! That yellow tray would be fabulous in your room.

Jackie said...

The inspirations you have chosen are great. I love tulip tables with funky refinished chairs too. I've been wanting to find some bamboo chairs for my dining table lately to paint and add fun fabric to the seats. My list is never-ending of things I want to change and fix in my house.

And the Turquoise site is awesome! Love it. Probably going to add a ton of pics to my Interior Infatuations from there.


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