Monday, February 16, 2009

February Finds... 16!

I am a hair care product junkie... any one else? If so, you absolutely MUST try Aveda's Hair Potion.

It is a powder that instantly disappears into your hair creating fuller and more manageable hair, without the look of having to much "product" in your hair. I am addicted to this stuff and it is great for 2nd day hair... for any of you that are guilty of that. I so am. Check it out!


christina said...

Great find! I can't wait to try it.

Hayley Kathryn Designs said...

ohh i have to try this!

Big Sister said...

I've tried some of my sister's before, but I forgot about it. I was already planning on stopping by and getting some Aveda Shampure today. I may have to pick some of this up too. What are you talking about, 2nd day hair? I often have 3rd and 4th day hair!


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