Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Finds... 18!

Today's "find" is one of the most favorite books in our household. This book provides hours of enjoyment for parents and kids and is a spectacular coffee table book for any household. It's highly educational, with a bit of quirkiness mixed in. Who doesn't love some quirkiness now and then?!?!

It is the Firefly Visual Dictionary. I bought this at Restoration Hardware YEARS ago... it looks like Barnes and Noble only has used copies. Although a used copy wouldn't be such a bad investment seeing as our book is practically torn to shreds it is used so much.

This book contains visual diagrams and descriptions for everything from a human body, to the solar system, to how an airport is laid out to the parts and workings of musical instruments. It is a great learning tool for exploring children and parents!


Blair said...

Oh, how cool!

Sarah*I'm Over It* said...

as a former kindergarten teacher, I'm a sucker for these types of visual dictionaries. Great to know!


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