Friday, February 27, 2009

Fashion Friday... snakeskin flats!

I fell in love with these snakeskin flats straight away when I found them on piperlime yesterday! I just love a dash of orange... and snakeskin accessories are HOT, HOT, HOT for spring and summer.

Dolce Vita Sally - Orange snake printed leather, $69.99 (was $100)

Women's shoes: Dolce Vita Sally - Orange snake printed leather

Today was one of those days that while there is still a chill in the air you can also feel the smallest tinge of spring - and for that I am so thankful! Here's an outfit for a gorgeous spring day!
spring in the air!
spring in the air! - by Jill GG on

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drollgirl said...

those are pretty zany!!! i just found some super cute sam edelman snakeskin flats on sale for $39.99 (NIB on ebay). huge score. but i would like to get these, too!


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