Friday, January 2, 2009

Fashion Friday... a touch of spring!

In the coming weeks the stores will be flooded with early spring styles... so if you are going to be doing any clothing shopping soon, you'll need to integrate some of these spring looks into your winter wardrobe with out them looking like they are aliens from another planet. Before my husband and I had kids, when we could do whatever we wanted and had two unrestricted incomes... ahhhh, the days... we would take an annual trip to Chicago for Valentine's weekend for romance, relaxation and of course shopping! Except that navigating clothing retailers in February can be tricky. They were ready for spring, but the wind chills aren't.

Here's an outfit idea using the handbag featured earlier this week that will bring a touch of spring into your winter wardrobe!

Winter to Spring by Jill GG

Shopping Details:
Earrings, Bangle Bracelets:

Jacket, Jeans, Handbag:


Boots: Piperlime

Sunglasses: Hayden-Harnett


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