Friday, January 16, 2009

Fashion Friday... all you need is love!

As you may (or may not) know... Fashion Friday is where I take one item that I have highlighted over the past week an formulate an outfit using it. Today I am feeling basic and simple and cozy. I really loved this scarf I featured in yesterday's rainbow post from that I think was actually in their men's department... but men's-shmen's. I like it. And this week is so cold and miserable with having a sick kid that I just need some comfy-cozy goodness. How about you?

all you need is love.
all you need is love. by Jill GG


Miss Aimee said...

love it! So cute. I kindof feel liek wearing that today :)

Jackie said...

Wonderful! So bright and cheery. I love that Love scarf too! It doesn't look like a mens item at all.

And great new pic of you in the sidebar!

ofifteen said...

i am loving those pants, they are different and i like it :)

'designing your life'

ms. less is always more said...

ofifteen: I stepped out on these pants a bit as I am a total "jeans girl" - but it worked and I was pleased... glad you liked them too!

jackie: thanks for the note on the picture... I figured it was about time to put a face to the blog... it's me laughing at the beach from this past summer and really there is nothing better in life!


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