Monday, December 8, 2008

Practical Gift Guide (Inspired by Mostly Mod!)

Screeeeeccch. Put on the brakes from this dreamy post and get back to reality, right?

I love to dream. It is an integral part of my being... ask my husband about all the hair-brained ideas I can come up with on a moment's notice. He'll laugh. And then certainly indulge you.

Me: "... you know honey, like when we are famous and we are walking down the red carpet and stop to smile. I was thinking... should we do like sly smiles or super happy smiles and half-embrace or just hold hands. What suit do you think you will wear...."
Him: "What red carpet? What would we even be famous for?"
Me: "I don't know... just curious... do you think it would be a dark grey suit or just straight black, because I was thinking dark grey would be really modern and fresh"

(then, ahem, I realize we have two toddlers and a pretty average life... but if you like to dream too... just leave me a comment on what your red carpet smile would be like, k? wink, wink)

Any way, while dreaming is fun and indulgent and probably pretty healthy to maintain a positive outlook on life - it is just a dream. SO, here are some of the "practical" Christmas gifts on my list this year.

Practical Christmas by Jill GG

Top from left:
Michael Kors Watch, I simply can not live without this watch and mine is on the fritz (or needs a new battery... whatever - I just need a new watch)
iPhone, this is a Christmas gift in which I sold my old Blackberry on ebay and replaced it with this gorgeous beauty (in white)
Old Navy Velour Hoodie, I do not own a sweatsuit, is that strange? I need a cozy one for snow days with the kiddos.
Martha Stewart Feathered Birdies, I collect these. How cute are these with black tails?
Bottom from left:
Gap Long Puffer Coat, I need something super warm, yet chic. My former "puffer" is "puffed"
Banana Republic Beanie Hat, I don't own a hat either - how did that happen, I live in Michigan for goodness sakes!
Old Navy Velour Pants, to match the hoodie of course!
Urban Outfitters Handbag, I have been having a handbag "issue" in that I have been searching for one and never finding the perfect one - problem solved!

What's on your practical Christmas list? Check out Mostly Mod for her list!

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Miss Aimee said...

Love your post, thanks for doing it! I hope Santa brings it ALL to you!!! Great great picks!

:) have a great day- come back and visit my blog soon.


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