Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calling all celeb-lovers!

No matter how silly it is, I can never seem to steer clear of the celeb magazines! Of course one of the best of the bunch is US Weekly! WIth up to date stories, fashion and general dish - you'll always be in the know! In fact, just recently I visited Las Vegas, Nevada for vacation. While sitting at the pool and reading my US Weekly, I read that Chris Angel and Holly Madison were recently spotted at the hotel that I was staying at! What do you know - the next day I saw them with my own eyes at lunch!

At 99 CENTS a copy this is a steal off buying it at the airport or the drugstore - use the link below to cash in on this great deal and get the magazine delivered to your doorstep weekly!!!

Us Weekly Magazine - only 99c an issue! Save 75%!

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