Friday, January 18, 2008

stylish stationary

sending anything via post these days is oh so stylish. not only do you look good for spending the extra cents on a stamp, but the recipient is perfectly pleased to open something hand addressed to themself. it just feels good and seems so polite. in many cases it can be a keepsake as well. i personally have a little box at home labled "correspondence" that gets filled up with love notes from my husband and little cards (thank you or otherwise) that i receive from girlfriends and my mom.

there are so many online services these days that offer personalized stationary, special occasion cards, invitations and announcements. but let's separate the "boys" from the "men" if you will here and highlight one particular company that is doing it best.

tiny prints is an innovative online company that has a variety of personalized stationary for every occasion. i just used this company for my own christmas cards. and, well, if i do say so myself, i got plenty o' compliments. this my friends is the good life for less.

let me explain. the site is oh so navigable - seriously easy. the print quality (if you use pictures) can not be matched by most "photo card" sites. and lastly the selection is so hip and fun - you will get cool points without even trying.

i will say this is not the cheapest online service - but that's not what it is about friends. it's about making your money work harder for you and saving you time, which to me has so much more value.
here's some of my favorites...

so go ahead... live the good life for less.

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Edith said...

I was searching for a place to order personalized invitations online and found several that I want to tell you about,,, and These sites have cute and unique party invitations for all occasions. You can use my own wordings, and they have lots of sample party verses and sayings for me to use. I ordered from, and party invitations cards were beautiful.


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