Sunday, January 20, 2008

i (heart) a t.

everyone loves a great t-shirt... something that feels good on, but also that still looks tailored, easy, and effortlessly stylish.
for me there are a couple important aspects of t-shirt wearability.  for me, a t-shirt that feels great on a saturday, but can also play "casual friday with great jeans and heels" or "quick drink with the girls" is the ultimate.  over the coming days i'm going to review some t's that i have had experience with, some that i would like to have an experience with and others that i wish i hadn't.

first up, michael stars.

this oldie but goodie i pulled out of my drawer this morning for a lazy sunday at home.  

let me first off say i love, love, love this top.  (i happen to have a different color... but this color is super cute too).  this top is effortless on the weekends with a cami and your comfy weekend jeans - for me an old pair with holes that i absolutely adore.  but let it be said, this is a casual friday dream!  i have done this to work many a time with a pair of great heels, some fun jewelry and perhaps a multi-wrapped euro style scarf.  in my book, this is exactly what a t should be.
however, let's not get too excited... this t has two major draw backs... the first:  the price.  $51 for a tee is not so "good life for less" - unless that is you get a rockin' deal on it.  which i did happen to do (of course, you know i would).  the other major draw back is one of it's highlights too... i love the "one size fits most" theory of michael stars.  but i am more on the petite side... so by the end of the day there is a chance that the t starts looking more "one size does not fit me".
all that being said.  if you can find a deal on it, snag one of these t's... if you are petite like me, make sure it sees some good dryer time to tighten it up a bit and try to avoid pulling up sleeves or wearing it on a humid day.
signing off folks.  check back for more t's this week and don't forget to live the good life. swack.

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