Friday, March 24, 2023

easy weeknight meals with Walmart +!

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Spring is such a busy time of year in our household that it's imperative that I meal plan in advance otherwise we are sure to end up in a fast food and pizza downward spiral. Both kids are playing sports, my son is graduating in less than two months and work is super busy for both my husband and I these days. Since this is the last few months that we will all be home until my son moves to college, weeknight meals are more important than ever. I try to get a meal on the table for us all to sit down to at least 2-3 nights a week. If that's not possible I still try to make dinner and eat with whoever is here and then save a plate for whoever is not. Plus, my high schoolers are extra hungry in sports season when the days are long and there is a lot of brain and energy output so a good hearty meal is always appreciated before they dig into homework.

Enter my very helpful Walmart+ membership! I can get dinner on the table easier with FREE delivery of groceries from my local Walmart with my Walmart+ membership. I love that my local Walmart carries all the grocery brands our family loves including tons of organic and gluten free options and I can get them all delivered exactly when I need them for FREE (for deliveries over $35, see terms and conditions)! You can sign up for your FREE 30-day trial of a Walmart+ membership HERE!

Today I'm sharing 4 really easy weeknight meals that our family loves that are also super simple to get on the table on weeknights. I hope these meal ideas help make your life a little easier too!

(above) Breakfast for Dinner
Everyone in the house loves breakfast for dinner. I use the pancake mix to make waffles because our family loves waffles the best and because they freeze well for future breakfasts. I'll make the entire box and whatever doesn't get eaten goes in the freezer. Then the kids can pop the frozen waffles into the microwave the next morning for breakfast. In addition to waffles, we love berries, hash browns and lots of bacon. Yum!

(above) Salmon "Rice" Bowls
For the base of this meal, you can do regular rice or cauliflower rice, we use and love both. I like to switch it up. I will bake the salmon or have my husband grill it and then throw some veggies on top. Oven roasted broccoli is a favorite or you could add snap peas, avocado or greens like arugula. For veggies I say that whatever you have on hand or whatever your family likes best works! I love this frozen pre-seasoned salmon because it's easy to have waiting on hand in the freezer and bakes up in under 30 minutes from frozen. That means dinner is on the table QUICK!

(above) Chicken BBQ Sammies
My kids claim to not like anything from the crockpot, but they always gobble up this meal. I put the chicken breast in the crockpot with about half a jar of bbq sauce and cook on low for 8 hours. Then I shred the chicken and quick mix up a salad and this meal is on the table in no time.  We use the rest of the bbq sauce for drizzling on top of the chicken when it's done cooking. This meal also makes fabulous leftovers.

(above) Pasta with Meat Sauce
This one is so simple and classic but always a crowd pleaser. I made this for the family a few months ago for the first time in like 5 years and now our family is obsessed. It definitely evokes nostalgia! We love Banza pasta because it tastes just like regular pasta with extra protein. I simply boil the pasta and brown the meat and mix in the sauce. This meal is done in like 20 minutes. I'll usually add a side veggie too depending on what I have on hand. Last time I made this we did green beans. Yum!


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