Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PREVIEW!

 The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PREVIEW starts TODAY and no matter your status you can see all the sale offerings online now! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is always one of the biggest sale events of the year. Why? It's because Nordstrom is offering deep discounts on the NEWEST trends and items for the upcoming season versus a 'traditional' sale model where past seasons or close out deals are discounted. This sale features the hottest new trends for fall and is a great time to stock up on jeans, coats, dresses, shoes, handbags, sweaters and home goods. I always love shopping this sale myself and in the past have purchased some really great closet staples that I own years and years later. 

Depending on your Nordstrom card access you may have early access to the sale... here is the breakdown of dates for shopping! You can check your status and shopping LIVE date by logging into your Nordstrom account. 

Over the next weeks during the preview period I will be highlighting some of my top picks both here on the blog and on LTK so be sure to check both places for my pared down picks to make the sale easy to shop. During the preview period, be sure to add your favorites to your Nordstrom "wishlist" which will be an option instead of "add to cart" in the period before the sale goes live. Then the morning of the sale you can simply log on and add items to your cart directly from your wishlist for a quick and easy check out. I always like to add a few back up items to my wishlist as well in case items are sold out... so for instance, I will add a few pairs of jeans in case my top pick is sold out once the sale goes live for me.  

Let's take a look at some of the pieces that have caught my eye as the sale preview went live this morning!

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