Thursday, August 22, 2019

my everyday style: easy wardrobe basics with Walmart!

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As the school year kicks off, I have been completely overwhelmed with getting the family calendar in order. Can anyone else relate? When the kids were younger I kept an actual calendar on the bulletin board for everyone to see the handful of practices, appointments, field trips, etc. Now that my kids are older, we all share a calendar on our phones which has been a game changer. It's SO easy and the kids can check their own schedules instead of always asking me "when is my practice again?"  Let me tell you, that virtual calendar and I have been having some serious one-on-one time lately. I am constantly adding new events as the school emails are just rolling in. Team dinners and parent meetings and games and practices galore. It's almost like a second job these days to manage that crazy schedule. Yikes!  This fall is going to be a wild ride - a fun one - but still, wild. Does your family use an online calendar system? I can't recommend it enough.

All the while I am thinking how the heck am I going to be in a million places at one time and get my kids there too this fall. It's been a bit daunting.  I'm already realizing that other parts of my life like dinner planning, errand running and outfit planning are going to have to be put on autopilot. Hello slow cooker! Hello grocery delivery! Hello EASY OUTFITS!

Simple neutrals like camo, grey, black and denim are ensuring that my entire closet mixes and matches easily so that I can do all the things, be all the things and drive to all the things... all while feeling confident in a great outfit. While shopping for the kids for back to school at Walmart this mama found a few gems for herself too! I love this waffle henley and hooded jacket with sneakers for sitting sidelines at sports this fall.  And for all those parent meetings and open houses this gorgeous black top (it feels like silk but is machine washable!) and heels that are super comfortable will be perfect. Whew! Walmart to the rescue!

And if you are putting a few things on autopilot these days like me... Walmart has FREE 2-day shipping for all orders over $35. So you can focus on that crazy family schedule instead of running errands all around town.

Outfit 1 Details:
note: all pieces are true to size!

Outfit 2 Details:
note: all pieces are true to size!

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