Tuesday, July 16, 2019

head to head comparison of blow dryers!

Earlier this year my blow-dryer was throwing flames (literally - eek!) and so I went to Instagram Stories to get your ideas on what I should get for a new blowdryer.  The T3 blowdryer came up in tons and tons of comments as a solid investment for a blowdryer.  Just a few of you said this Revlon One Step "changed your life" - so I was intrigued - by both.  I ordered both and I have used them both since February and I have some thoughts on both... plus BOTH ARE ON SALE right now with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Prime Day. So it's a great time to buy either if you need a new blow dryer. 

First up let's talk the T3 which is now on sale!
Here are the pros and cons... 

Pros to the T3 blow dryer:
- This blow dryer has lots of settings for heat and air speed. You can 100% customize the experience to what you need.
- I find this blow dryer dries my hair very quickly. Which means less heat on the hair and less feeling like a hot sweaty mess after blow drying ( you know that feeling!?!?).
- This blow dryer is quite quiet. Some are so loud and this one doesn't seem to offensive.

Cons to the T3 blow dryer:
- It's expensive. Depending on your budget this blow dryer might be more than you want to spend.

Let's move on to the Revlon One-Step, which is also on sale, you can also see a full video of my using it here! Here are the pros and cons...

Pros to the Revlon One Step:
- The price is great! This tool is an amazing price any time and now it's marked down even further.
- This is really easy to use! While it takes a few minutes to figure out, it quickly becomes easy and fast to use. 
- This works like a blow dryer and flat iron in one. It's an INSTANT professional blow out. At home!  

Cons to the Revlon One Step:
- There are only two heat settings - low and high. The high gets VERY hot and the low isn't quite enough. I don't mind the high setting but keep it in mind if you don't love high heat on your hair.
- This drys and straightens my hair SO GOOD that it doesn't hold a curl very well afterward. I had to learn the hard way. So this is more of a one and done guy. If you want to use a curling iron afterward I suggest a regular blow dryer prior to. Not sure if that is a pro or a con - it's kind of both!

I definitely LOVE them both! But for different reasons... in the end it's up for you!

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