Tuesday, June 18, 2019

amazon HOME finds under $100!

I recently snagged a few new HOME items from Amazon and I love them so much (and their prices!) that I wanted to share them with you here. You have loved my previous Amazon posts here and here and here - make sure to check those out if you haven't already - and I hope you like this home post as well, even though it's a little different than what I usually feature here.  I'm featuring some pieces I've bought for my own home and below I am rounding up some other fun finds under $100 - all from Amazon.

I've been perusing the Amazon home offerings for a while and have always been impressed with the selection. It was time for us to update our dishes and flatware recently and it's not something I usually spend a lot of money on. I usually go to Target or IKEA, find something simple and classic and INEXPENSIVE and that's it. We don't need anything fancy for around the house or expensive. I am easy to please in this category. Our flatware was a wedding gift (almost 17 years ago!) and was really worn out (who else always has a fork or spoon always end up in the garbage disposal!?!? Oops!) and our existing plates were chipped and missing quite a few pieces.  I found this white dish set and this silverware set and we've used them for about a week and also been through quite a few rounds of the dishwasher already.  So far I am impressed. The quality is great and I love the way they look too. I also threw these flat bottom wine glasses in my cart too because I've seen a few other bloggers post them and they are so fun and modern!


It's hard to believe we have lived in our house for almost a year now! We are still working on pulling together our outside spaces and our front porch definitely needed a bit of greenery.  I do not have a green thumb by any means, unless outdoor plants and flowers have access to the sprinkling system they will likely die (eek! I know, I know! I'm terrible!). So instead I decided to go with faux greenery on our porch. I found these gorgeous large garden planter pots and then this faux cedar tree were the perfect addition. They look real, don't they!?!? And especially since our front porch has a lot of shade it's an ideal spot for faux greenery. 

1. planter 2. wall sconce 3. arrow bedding set 4. throw blanket 5. modern wine glasses 6. art print 7. printed throw pillow 8. marble look lamp 9. throw pillow 10. bronze stool 11. striped bedding set 12. knit pouf 13. white dish set 14. geo planter 15. mini faux succulents (perfect for bathrooms or kids bedrooms!) 16. decorative beads 17. flatware set (more colors/finishes available!) 18. led light balls (perfect for pools or yards in the summer!)

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