Tuesday, February 12, 2019

my everyday style: winter whites!

At this point we are all SO over winter... and the crazy thing is we are only like half way through - at least here in Michigan. Oh my. I'm always trying to do my best to embrace it (like I chatted about in this post) - but I'm only doing so-so on that goal. Haha. Such is life. I will say we have been taking our winter Netflix duties VERY seriously.  We are completely smitten with Schitt's Creek - which is seriously so funny and entertaining, which is perfect for those winter blues. And we watched BOTH Fyre Festival documentaries - we like the Netflix version best although the Hulu version does have some unique perspectives not previously covered in the Netflix version.  When we are feeling super down about winter we dig deep and watch some HGTV Island Life or Caribbean Life On Demand.  We can't decide if it's fun to watch people buying houses in tropical locations in the dead of winter or just depressing.  Ya know? And lastly I have caved and decided to watch this season of Bachelor. The Bachelor enterprise has always been a favorite but I'm not loving Colton... so this might fall under a 'hate watch' because while I hate it... I also love it. What can I say? Once a Bachelor addict, always a Bachelor addict. What are your winter tv habits/obsessions these days?

Now let's talk about this outfit... this sweater keeps popping in and out of stock which is very unfortunate because I love it so much and it's a big bummer to share things I love with you gals only to have it sell out. But if it looks like something you would love too... keep an eye on it because I have a feeling it will come back in stock in no time. And I will keep an eye on it as well. I'll send out the call when I see it back in stock over on Instagram Stories.  I love how oversized and soft it is, here I paired it with some of my favorite skinny jeans.  I love the stretch in these jeans, they are perfectly form-fitting which makes them easy to wear under over the knee boots. My pair is last year's version - so the finish may be a touch different but the cut is the same. Now let's talk about over the knee boots, shall we? When I posted a photo of me out with my family on Instagram Stories recently I had a lot of inquiries about which boots I was wearing. Unfortunately mine are old from Blondo and no longer available.  The pair that is MOST similar to mine is THIS pair, but they are quite pricey. So I also found this pair that is more affordable too.  If you are going to invest in over the knee boots I highly recommend a pair that is suede (like mine) or leather. This boots are surprisingly warm being real suede so they are practical for cold days while also being stylish as well.

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