Monday, January 7, 2019

my everyday style: Happy New Year + my ONE intention for the year!

Happy New Year friends! Thank you so much for your patience as I put posting on hold over Christmas break. It felt great to step away from the blog for a while, enjoy family time, sleeping in and our trip to Arizona without worrying about "work." My kids went back to school today and "real life" is back in full swing in our household. I'm both thankful for the routine and also a little sad that the freedom is gone again - really, until summer. Which is crazy to think.

I rarely make New Years resolutions and for a few years a while back I was choosing a "word of the year" to set my intentions and actions around. But I haven't done even that in many years.  2018 was an amazing year both for my blog/business and for our family... it had it's moments of difficulties but the blessings over flowed and I'm so thankful for such an amazing year that it was.  But looking back at 2018 (and really, 2017) it was A LOT. There were plenty of things/commitments/activities that we/I could've said "no" to - in order to say "yes" to more meaningful things. And more importantly there were habits and mindsets that I definitely could've managed better along the way to make for a more successful, meaningful and mindful year.

Last week a phrase popped into my head while I was trying to make a decision that I was struggling with - I remembered reading it somewhere but I couldn't remember the source and even after Googling it, many authors seem to claim it as their own, so the source seems a little fuzzy, but it's this: "If it's not a 'hell yes', then it's a 'hell no.'" It seems a little harsh at first glance but I think it perfectly sums up how I want to approach decision making both personally and professionally in the New Year. If I am not enthusiastically running TOWARDS it... then I need to avoid it altogether. You only get one life and now that I have officially crossed over to 40 years old, I no longer care to do things out of pure obligation or "should" myself to death (as in: "I really should...").

I'm not exactly sure what this will mean for me in 2019 but I can tell you a few things that it will include:

- Anything having to do with my kids and husband. Always. They are my first priority.
- Making healthy decisions a priority. Good food, good workouts, good mental health.
- Investing in clothes/shoes/etc that I LOVE and will wear a million times.
- Indulging a bit where it feels good. A glass of wine now and then, a good piece of chocolate, dinner out with my husband and kids.
- Plenty of down time. As an introvert I need alone time to recharge my battery - and I need to do it without any guilt. Naps, baths, reading or just binge-ing on Netflix (which I rarely "allow" myself to do).
- Laughing more, "letting go" more.
- Any and all vacations.
- Allowing myself to say "no" if it means saying "yes" to any of the above.

- Filling up my calendar with a bunch of stuff that doesn't fill me up.
- Filling my closet with things I don't LOVE.
- OVER indulging. I can be an emotional eater... One glass of wine is great, two - forget it - I'm sacrificing the way I feel the next day with two. Same with treats... a little is fine, if I go overboard I know I will pay for it in other ways.
- Relationships that drain me or have unclear boundaries.
- Saying "yes" to things when I really mean "maybe"... which actually means "no."

Of course this is just a start... I'm sure there will be times along the way where the "hell yes" and the "hell no" lines seem blurred. Or making the decision on these guidelines will seem like a no-win situation. It won't always be cut and dry - life never is. But if I start with the small things like taking control over my calendar, laughing more and really taking my health serious... I'm hoping making the BIG decisions or the tough decision will be easier.  I'm a work in progress, of course... this may fail - who knows? It feels right, right now though... so that's a good place to start.


Speaking of things that are a big "hell yes!" for me: this fleece pullover. I've been living in it lately - both in the house and out of the house - and I've found it to be the perfect layering piece this winter. Here I am wearing it with a turtleneck tee, which is super cozy. But I've also layered thin sweaters and sweatshirts underneath it very comfortably too. I love it with jeans and Ugg boots for errands and just the standard day-to-day activities.  This past weekend on vacation I wore it with leggings and sneakers a lot too.

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