Monday, January 22, 2018

my everyday style: the chic sweatshirt!

I went BOLD with the winter white jeans recently and loved EVERY minute of it!  This is the part of winter where the options for bottoms are: jeans, black jeans, leggings, jeans and jeans.  Ugh. It's like 99% jeans with the odd leggings thrown in for a day at home and I was just fed up with blue jeans (for like maybe the second time in my entire life) and thought - hey let's just go with some creamy white jeans for today!  It was awesome!

To make white jeans work in the winter you definitely want to choose a creamy white pair... and then make sure it's not a super slushy or snowy day (that could get messy).  But we've had a few days that the sun peeks out and the temps rise above freezing and those days are PERFECT.  Then I balanced all the white with my second favorite color: black. Grey being my first favorite... those are both 'colors' right!?!?

Also can we talk about SWEATSHIRTS friends!?!?! I'm hooked.  This is the best trend to come along in quite a while because it's FUN and oh so easy to wear. This "chic" sweatshirt is well, perfectly chic!  It's got a touch of cropped cut to the hem and the sleeves so I went up to a medium to give me extra room... I've been wearing it with jeans, leggings, WHITE jeans and throwing it over my workout clothes on the way to my Pure Barre sweat sessions.  It's SO versatile and just plain fun to wear.

Outfit Details:
'Chic' sweatshirt (if you are looking for a more budget friendly option, I love THIS one!)
Jeans (only $68!)
Bag (similar or similar)

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