Monday, August 7, 2017

my everyday style: a nod to fall!

I'm so, so not ready for the long warm days of summer to be over.  But my kids go back to school in three weeks and all their fall sports start next week - major buzz kill - so I know the end is nearer than I would like it to be no matter what.  Last night I was out in the backyard as it was getting dark and I could feel and almost smell fall is coming.  You know that feel/smell? A little extra crispness at the end of the day, a little less warm pavement and more cool leaves or something.  And I had to admit in that moment, that while summer was great... fall is coming.  I'm pretty excited about it.

With fall on the horizon I can definitely tell that my mind is switching over to fall fashion too... I can honestly say I am ready to say goodbye to shorts and tank tops.  Dresses and open toe shoes, not as much though.  But today's look is the perfect nod to fall while still being totally summer appropriate.  You guys, this button neck sweater is so awesome! It can button all the way up to fit like a bateau neck sweater, or you can unbutton a button or two and make it into a slouchy off the shoulder sweater for a girls night or date night.  Paired with an awesome pair of super stretchy jeans and these block heels it's the perfect casual but feminine look. And I just have to rave about these heels a bit... I wore them for two of the three days at The Blog Societies conference this past weekend, and for a gal that doesn't wear heels much, they are crazy comfortable and easy to wear. They are also available in four colors - yay!

Shop the pieces:

ps, I'm linking up with the beautiful Southern Style Guide for her Mom Style Monday today! Be sure to pop over there to find some other super stylish mommas to follow!

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