Friday, March 3, 2017

travel diaries: easy island outfit!

Whenever I am on vacation I want the easiest outfits ever.  Like, EVER. I dress pretty simplisticly in my normal day to day... but on vacation it seems even more minimalist.  I tend to gravitate towards blue and white and I crave pieces that are super comfortable while still trying to maintain some semblance of an "outfit" feel. On our recent trip to Puerto Rico I wore LOTS of blue and white (as seen in this outfit and also here... and spoiler alert: in some other looks that will come to the blog soon as well).

Why? Well there are a few reasons.  First like I mentioned above, I want "easy" when I am traveling.  Taking sartorial chances when I am supposed to be relaxing doesn't feel relaxing to me. I want to stick with what I know and love. The second reason, is because (and I've said it a million times) when I pack for a trip I usually stick to a color scheme.   Choosing 2-4 main colors to base all your vacation outfits on makes packing SUPER easy and stress-less.  Because you know when you arrive everything can easily be mixed and matched. The final reason... is just because.  I just like blue and white. Just because can be as good of an answer as any!

This top (mine is from last year, here is a similar version) was perfect for the humid mornings on the island.  I have been looking for a denim skirt for a while and found this one recently and LOVE it! I went with a petite size to get the length right.  So many denim skirts I have found were so long and unflattering on me.  This one is just perfect. And these sandals were the VIP of the trip... I wore them a ton and they are so comfortable and literally go with everything!  And my hair in a bun was pretty much my daily hair style.  The humidity down there was like nothing I have ever experienced and my hair was going nuts the entire time.  We get humid days here - but the mornings and evenings in PR were like the air was completely wet. Crazy!

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