Monday, January 23, 2017

my everyday style: when in doubt, pink!

My subconscious motto for this winter has been: When in doubt, wear pink.   I've always loved pink, but I don't think I've acted upon it as much as I have this winter. Proof: my Instagram feed lately. I can't stay away from pink it seems.  It never hurts to have a go-to color.  Because my friends, the days are short... but the winter is long.  Whatever gets you through.  Whatever gets you through.

This sweater is going to be near thread-bare come April because to say it's been on heavy rotation is no exaggeration.  And I am drawing a blank friends, but have we talked about black jeans lately?  Black jeans are my secret weapon.  You know, those 5 extra winter pounds you gain during holiday festivities and fight to lose by spring break? Those 5 pounds literally DON'T exist in black jeans.  They cover a multitude of sins and make you feel pretty damn good about yourself without even trying.  And if that isn't a win at the end of January... I don't know what is.

Outfit Details:
Loafers (no longer available, but similar or similar)
Sunglasses (no longer available, but similar or similar less expensive)

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