Monday, December 12, 2016

my everyday style: Christmas traditions!

One thing that was always important to me when I was a new mom or before I became a mother was to make sure that our future family had traditions.  Those little things through out the year - and especially at the Christmas season - that ground our family and give our kids lasting memories and security.  Traditions are soothing that way.  They always seem to point us home or to our true North. I wanted to make sure my kids had those keystones in their life.  There are a few areas (or actually a million!) that I have fallen short on... I'm feel like I'm terrible at birthdays, for a start.  But I know for a fact we have successfully made a few Christmas traditions.

Grabbing a warm beverage and heading out in the car to look at Christmas lights is one of our families favorites.  Sometimes we only have 15 minutes or maybe we have all the time in the world.  This is a fun one and usually a great way to beat the inevitable cabin fever that sets in this time of year. Blasting the Christmas trees and oohing and aahing one Christmas lights is always a fun time.  When my kid were little they went NUTS for Christmas lights... now it takes a little more to get them excited, but I think they secretly love it - even if they are having a tween moment of "this is so not cool mom."

Uggs and sweatpants are PERFECTLY acceptable attire for this holiday tradition... but this ruffle top is pretty awesome too! This is about the most fun shirt to wear, ever!  And it doesn't hurt that I got compliments in it all day long.  It's just so darling.  It's perfect for the holidays - but I will be wearing this beauty all year long.  How cute will it be with white jeans and sandals this spring?

What are some of your families Christmas traditions? I always love hearing other peoples... because you never know, you might just pick up a new one!

Outfit Details:
Scarf (or similar)
Boots (similar, similar - on sale! or less expensive!)
Sunglasses - on sale!

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