Wednesday, December 21, 2016

my everyday style: the basics!

These are the days, friends! If you are like me you are scurrying all over town to get the final pieces of Christmas pulled together.  My errands are multiplying! For every one I cross off the list... three more appear! How is that!?!?

I've been depending on simple and classic wardrobe basics (layered and then layered some more!) to stay warm, stylish and errand-ready these days.  I know I've mentioned it before but these shoes are IT friends... so comfy, so chic and did I mention comfy? My feet crave these shoes!  And then plenty of warm layers for in and out of shops.  I've found that wearing a full winter coat was making me so claustrophobic while shopping... so I swapped them out for my leather jacket with a sweater and scarf and I just might be over-depending on the remote start on my car to keep me warm once I'm out of the store ;)  Last week I literally had a full on melt down in Target... I was so hot I couldn't strip off my layers fast enough.  Sweaty shopping is not fun friends! I learned that the hard way.

How are you coming on your Christmas errands!?!? I hope you are getting close to done and having fun doing it!


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