Thursday, September 8, 2016

my everyday (hair) style: no-fuss hair styling with Nordstrom!

I love beauty products as much as the next gal... and I'm even known to do a little product hoarding now and then.  But I am also not super "beauty" literate... meaning, I'm not some whiz with hair or makeup.  God just did not give me those natural talents in the beauty department like some of those amazing you-tuber gals that we all know and love.

I need easy to use and fool-proof beauty solutions that I can count on for rushed mornings in my bathroom.  And another one of my 'minimalist' beauty tricks? I order a lot of products online!  I never seem to fine the extra time in my day to stop at multiple stores to stock up on my favorite products.  I just head to Nordstrom to order up my beauty standbys and then they are all conveniently delivered to my home.  With no extra errands or effort.

I've long been a fan of Aveda.  Their products are easy to use and smell so, so good.  And I love that Nordstrom carries all my favorite Aveda products.  While I am shopping for the latest shoes, jeans and handbags I can easily pop whatever beauty products I am low on in my Nordstrom shopping cart as well.  How easy is that!?!

My daily styling routine goes as follows... after washing my hair I use aveda 'smooth infusion'  to calm frizz and help make blow-drying it super easy.  Then I curl it using a wide curling iron.  Once the curls are set, I spray them with aveda 'air control' hairspray before I run my fingers through the curls.  Then for a finishing touch I use a tiny amount of aveda 'shampure' dry shampoo at the roots.  The following day I usually don't wash it so I touch up the curls as needed and repeat the aveda 'air control' hairspray and aveda 'shampure' dry shampoo routine again. Super easy, no?

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*this post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom

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