Tuesday, January 5, 2016

9 pieces | 9 outfits - winter 2016!

It's time for another 9 pieces | 9 outfits...  these posts are without a doubt the most fun posts to put together.  And you gals seem to love them as well!

The basic premise is to take 9 wardrobe staples and mix and match them into 9 looks.  Why nine? Nine is the perfect capsule of pieces to invest in each season.  Although I betting many of you have a lot of these staples in your wardrobe already. It's an exercise in stretching our wardrobe and getting the most out of the pieces we invest in.  This winter I am (still) really into neutrals and lately it seems I've really been into red as an accent color.  These outfits mirror similar pieces in my own wardrobe that I am really loving and wearing a lot this winter.

I featured a few fun and bold pieces like the fringed sweatshirt, red coat and red shoes alongside tried and true staples like a cable knit sweater, gingham, stripes and blazers.  It the perfect balance of simplicity and trend paired together. Enjoy! And happy mixing and matching!

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Shop the pieces...

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