Wednesday, November 4, 2015

24 gorgeous winter coats at all price points!

It's time to start getting on your outerwear game for the season!  I have a little (ahem) winter coat collection going… my justification is that I live in the Midwest and harsh winters are a hash reality.  I do my best to endure them with grace and style - although I rarely live up to the 'grace' part.  But I've got winter style covered!

If you dread the cold and snow like I do - maybe the deal can be sweetened with a new winter coat or two this season.  While winter coats are definitely a must-have piece for your wardrobe - there is no reason you can't have a little fun with it too with bright colors, fresh silhouettes and even a little faux fur thrown in.  Bundling up for the cold weather isn't quite such a drag when you can pull a gorgeous and warm coat from the closet each morning before you head out.

Whatever your budget is this season, I've got something here for you…

Or shop the pieces below...

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