Thursday, September 3, 2015

new in for fall…

A lot of you loved 'the damage' posts that I used to post each month… those posts would outline how and where I spent my monthly shopping budget.  For me, they no longer seemed like a natural fit for the blog anymore… But I get it, you gals loved those posts.  So I am hoping for some middle ground between what those posts were about and something that seems to fit the blog more these days.

With that in mind I thought I would round up a few of my recent fall purchases.  These purchases were made over the course of late July & August with the goal of them being for the upcoming fall season.  I am not keeping super close track of what I am spending each month like I used to. Instead I am trying to focus more on the season as a whole, and of course, always spend within my means. This will probably be about it for my "fall" shopping.  I have a lot of pieces from last fall and winter that I am excited to wear again.  I do have a new pair of riding boots and a blazer on my wish list… but  I don't really 'need' those pieces…

Most of these pieces were purchased on sale or promotion… with the exception of a few pieces.  I'm still a budget-minded kind of gal when shopping.  Unless there is an item that I really want and don't mind splurging a bit - usually this is accompanied by knowing it won't likely EVER go on sale. So I might as well just bite the bullet.  Many of these items will be showing up on the blog in outfits soon… but some have already debuted on Instagram… so follow me there! (user: jillgg)

top row, from left: black top (40% off with code: BRFALL), tux-collar tunic (40% off with code: BRFALL), striped top (less than $20!)linen pocket henley (40% off with code: BRFALL), pink sweatshirt (50% off!), grey cardigan (only $35)

bottom row, from left: burgundy dress (only $14!!!), army green pantsjeans* (only $80!), black drapey pants (50% off!), bootsflats 

(mini rant: okay, I am LOVING Banana Republic lately, but they are doing this weird thing where they are putting new pieces out in my local store that aren't online - as a blogger, it's frustrating because I want to be able to share exact links to items with you! The same thing happened last spring.  So the jeans I got are actually from Banana Republic, but there is nothing online even close to them… so I found these that are closer. So the "shown" jeans aren't exactly what I got… but close!)

Or shop the pieces below… 
(keep in mind, some items are available in multiple colors, so thumbnails may reflect that)

One other little note… for my fellow bloggers and business owners!  I am now on Periscope! If you haven't downloaded this awesome app to your phone yet… do it! It's basically a streaming video app.  I post LIVE videos there that you can join me live on and interact via questions and comments or playback for 24 hours.  For right now, I am trying it out as a platform to sharing business and blogging tips on the regular!  I think you will like it! My user name is JillGG!!

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Jennifer Hoffman said...

So appreciated the fall wardrobe essentials this week!!, I am in major need of a revamp and that guide was such a blessing. Question- do you wear socks or any type of hosiery with your flats and ankle booties, and if so, what?


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