Friday, September 11, 2015

best boots for fall 2015!

Boots have got to be one of the most exciting purchases of the fall season… there is nothing quite like a fresh pair of boots in the fall!  I honestly thought I could get away with not purchasing a new pair this year… but now that all the new styles are out, my will power is nonexistent.  I want new boots. And I want them now. (And preferably more than one pair!)  Who's with me?!?!

The boots I featured here are leather AND practically priced.  I don't like spending TOO much on boots - let's be honest, they are a little bit of an investment piece - but I find that spending just the right amount on boots can get you the best of both worlds - beautiful boots that are high quality enough to last a few seasons.  Most of the boots that I featured here are less than $100 - which I think is a perfect price point for a great pair of boots!  Especially if they are leather or suede!

What boots do you have your eye on for this fall!?! I'd love to hear, so let me know in the comments!  Happy shopping and have a super fab weekend friends!

Or shop the pieces below!

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