Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer wardrobe essentials/2015

Many of you gals responded to my recent survey asking "What is one thing that would make getting dressed each morning easier?" by saying that you would like a seasonal guide to the must-haves or a capsule-like inspiration for the seasons.  You gals are genius… I knew I could call on you for your honest feedback and inspiration!  (By the way, THANK YOU to those that responded… your responses were incredibly insightful and will lead the way for some fun new series and projects around here! So stay tuned!)

Even though summer is almost half over (cue the sadness)… there is still plenty of warm and sunny weather left (cue the happiness) and so today we are going to talk summer wardrobe essentials. This list of 30 items is based on what I own and wear all summer as a stay-at-home-mom.  So a lot of the items you see here are items you see on the blog or on my Instagram regularly.  Because of that they are proven to be versatile, easy to wear, easy to mix and match and great for a busy mom lifestyle.  I can attest to that!  If you work in an office these may be more of your weekend or after work essentials.  No matter your lifestyle, if you are a gal that wants some quick and easy summer outfit basics that can be easily mixed and match into outfits for any summer occasion… these are it!

get the pieces: 
striped dress (save | splurge), maxi dress (save | splurge), white shorts (savesplurge), denim shorts (save | splurge), white jeans (save | splurge), striped shorts (save | splurge)

white denim jacket (save | splurge), denim jacket (save | splurge), tunic (save | splurge), l/s striped top (save | splurge), chambray top (save | splurge), summer sweater (save | splurge)

s/s striped tee (save | splurge), graphic tee (save | splurge), navy top (save | splurge), simple tank (save | splurge), striped tank (save | splurge), peplum top (save | splurge)

leopard print sandals (save | splurge), espadrilles (save | splurge), black wedges (save | splurge), nude sandals (save | splurge), white sneakers (save | splurge), classic sneakers (save | splurge)

summer earrings (save | splurge), delicate necklace (save | splurge), simple bracelet (save | splurge), aviator sunglasses (save | splurge), leather tote (save | splurge), cross body bag (save | splurge)

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