Monday, April 27, 2015

spring shoe trends at all price point!

We all love the change of seasons especially when it means we can kick winter to the curb and finally welcome spring… but let's be honest, one of the best parts about the changing seasons is the new shoes! Am I right?

Here I've rounded up my top six spring shoe trends for 2015… these are the shoes that I will personally be wearing all season and into summer.  They are stylish, easy to wear, comfortable and will put the perfect finishing touch on any spring or summer outfit!  Plus, I've got links below for each of these styles at all price points. So no matter what your budget… you are all taken care of here, friends!

The Espadrille: steal, spend (shown), splurge
The Wedge: steal, spend (shown), splurge
The Cross Sandal: steal, spend, splurge (shown)
The Classic Sneaker: steal, spend (shown), splurge
The Tassel Sandal: steal, spend (shown), splurge
The D'Orsay Flat: steal, spend, splurge (shown)

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