Monday, April 13, 2015

my everyday style: spring layers!

I think there are about two months out of the year that I don't layer my clothes… that would be July  and August (when I am mostly in my swimsuit, God willing, or it's just plain hot). Layering isn't just a "spring" thing or a "winter" thing - sure we layer clothes differently in spring that we would in winter but the reality is that layering clothing is a season-less idea.

For spring it's important to wear layers that work both ways - on and off (versus winter wear you don't generally shed layers throughout the day).  If you head out in a top and jacket and you don't like the way the lower top fits and you are just covering it up with a jacket or your bra shows through the lower layer, etc you won't be comfortable for the entire day. Conversely, if you wear two very comfortable layers you will prepared for whatever the day holds.

Ever had a spring day where you have to change your outfit like 4 times because you are cold then hot then cold again? That is what I try to avoid… one versatile outfit that I can wear all day. This outfit is perfect for that… a few of my favorites all layered together.

(photos by Tracy Carmody)

Jacket, H&M (similar or similar or similar, all under $50!)
Sweater, Banana Republic - on sale! (or similar)
Jeans, Bananan Republic (or similar less expensive)
Bag, Madewell
Leopard Flats, Madewell (similar or similar or similar less expensive)

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