Monday, March 16, 2015

what to pack : spring break!

Spring break season is here friends… I myself can't wait to jet out of town for some sun and relaxation and I know a lot of you gals are feeling the same these days.  If you do spring break "right"… you don't need a lot of clothes, just a few loose and comfortable layers for over your swimsuit, maybe a few pairs of shorts and sneakers for a day or two of exploring, and a couple of dresses for dinners out. Or at least that is my dream spring break… total max out relaxation.

Lately I've been craving a lot of blue and white and loose flowy layers. I think it's a perfect motif for spring and summer; and spring break is no exception.   Whenever I pack for a trip I always try to base the entire packing list on just a few colors. This helps make all the pieces really easy to mix and match.  Other things to keep in mind… always pack plenty of sunscreen, Coola is my favorite… so light and refreshing!  And I always like to pack a larger bag to carry to the beach or pool with snacks and reading materials and then a smaller cross-body bag for adventures, shopping or dining.

So dish, what awesome places are you headed to for spring break? What are your must-haves when packing?

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