Friday, March 27, 2015

business casual capsule wardrobe!

I have been out of an office environment for so long now that I feel really out of touch with the whats and hows for business casual wear.  But by far one of the most asked for request that I get from readers is "how to dress for a business casual environment?"

So today I threw my doubts aside and really, truly asked myself "What would I wear if I was headed back to work? What would my work wardrobe look like?".  There are myriad ways to interpret "business casual" and really each and every office has their own spin on it.  Here I chose really bare-bones simple and classic pieces that would work in any office environment. If your office is more creative, then I would add in some more color or pattern or bold accessories or shoes. If your office is more casual then definitely add a few pairs of black or dark skinny jeans to pair with the heels and blazers or even a nice t-shirt to layer under blazers and fun necklaces. Or if your office is more "business" than "casual" I would add a few suits (navy and black are a good place to start) and maybe a more formal bag.

This here is my own interpretation on business casual. It's the pieces that I would likely invest in if I were to head back to an office for work in the near future.  I really worked to choose simple pieces that are classy and classic, but that also mix and match well. When you work outside the home it can be difficult to balance your "work" wardrobe with your "weekend" wardrobe so here I chose a few pieces that might overlap a bit.  It's easier on your pocketbook that way and more fun.  No one wants to feel like they can only have fun with clothes after hours.

bottoms and dresses:

tops and blouses:

blazers and outerwear: 

accessories and shoes: 

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