Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the damage, december 2014! (plus a rundown of the entire 2014)

At the end of each month this year I am planning to pause to take a look at my spending as it's related to my closet. I call these posts "the damage." For 2015 I am brainstorming on how I will be shopping and budgeting for the year and how I will share that information here on the blog.  I am thinking I would like to switch it up somehow, but I am not really sure how yet.  So stay tuned!

This month I had some fun shopping the sales (whoa were there some good sales!), picking up some fun holiday pieces and also some staples.

zip neck sweater, banana republic, $98 with 40% discount was $58.80 - on sale now!
fringe tank, j.crew, $68 with discount was $47.60 - on sale now!
beaded pocket oxford, j.crew, $98 with discount was $41.99 - on sale now!
lace peplum top, loft, $79.50 with discount was $38.75 - on sale now!
jeweled sweatshirt, loft, $69.50 with discount was $34.75 - on sale now!
distressed skinny ankle jeans, banana republic, $89.50 with 40% discount was $53.70 - on sale now!
sequined blue oxford, j.crew, $89.50 with discount was $47.70 - on sale now!

Total Spent: $323.29 (saved $268.71)

Thoughts on the budget: Thanks to some awesome sales I got my cake and could eat it too this month! There are a few things I ordered online with after Christmas sales/money that I didn't included here.  Reason: they won't arrive until the New Year and I want to try them all on first.  So maybe that is a bit of a cheat… but no biggie.  I don't plan on doing much shopping in January any way. 

Thoughts on the pieces: I had fun shopping for some fun sparkly and fancy pieces for the holidays!  The lace peplum top and fringe tank were awesome to have on hand for Christmas parties.  It's always fun to add a few girly pieces into the mix.  And I plan to make these fun "party" pieces mix into my everyday wardrobe by layering with blazers and cardigans throughout the year.  I'm also on a serious oxford kick… these two from J.Crew are super crisp and the perfect length (I've been wearing them with leggings endlessly).  And lastly I am seriously crushing on the new denim line at Banana Republic.  These skinny jeans are puurrrrrfect!

Now should we run down the entire year!?!? Let's.

January $248.79
February $291.44
March $243.85
April $710.08
May & June (combined) $254.90
July $402.79
August $509.63
September $169.70
October $534.06
November $295.62
December $323.29

Total for the year: $3,984.15
Average per month: $332.01

The average monthly spend was very close to last year (seen here)… like within $8!  Isn't that crazy?

So there we have it… this year's damage in it's entirety.

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